1. Dark Sun. an original Rock Violin tune I wrote. Hope ya dig.

  2. Fashawn be like..

  3. Canon in D, my style


  4. Anonymous asked: ok, problem - im studying the praeludium and allegro my 'e' string squeaks so bad in the last page with the chords [after the sections with the trill variations and open 'e'/ascending passages] suggestions please! <3


    Off the top of my head:

    • Not enough bow pressure 
    • Incorrect bow arm angling doing chords (elbow check)
    • E string needs changing

    Regarding pressure, I’m not saying you should saw thru those chords, but definitely maintain a consistent bow pressure to allow for consistent tone; not enough of it could result in squeaking. 

    Regarding bow arm angling, keep the shoulder relaxed and let your elbow drop naturally. Something like forceful tugging can result in squeaking/scratching/horrible tone. Check w/ your private teacher/school director to observe your bow arm during that passage.

    Regarding the E string itself, if you’re using a gold E, they can be notorious for squeaking (especially if you play frequently and the haven’t changed strings in 6/7+ months.) Kaplan (I think…) makes a non-whistling E string that you can definitely try out. But depending on the combination of strings you play on currently, the Kaplan E may not compliment well. If you’ve already addressed bow pressure/bow arm issues and are still squeaking, consider a new set of strings or try a new brand. The combinations are endless and all depend on the temperament of your instrument.

    Good luck w/ your study!   


  5. playing violin for curious children in Guinea Bissau

  6. jewish tunes are nice

  7. jazz


  8. mylyngraceviolin asked: Really dug your Radioactive live cover, homie!

    thanks! dope page btw

  9. Rock Violin Cover of Radioctive by Imagine Dragons. CHECK THIS OUT

  10. My Violin Cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Had some fun with the $olo.